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Visiting Health Service Providers

A range of medical specialist and allied health services visit the Julia Creek Medical Centre.
The visiting health services listed below all work from the medical centre, which allows collaboration between visiting health care staff and the Julia Creek Medical Centre, facilitating easy referral and information sharing between services. Some of these services are free whilst others are private services that attract a fee. For further information speak with a GP at Julia Creek Medical, or contact those providers with contact details listed below directly.
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Diabetes Educator

A service provided to diabetic patients to monitor diabetic patient’s health care, provide advice to A new service is to be provided to our diabetic patients to monitor diabetic patient’s health care, provide advice to newly diagnosed diabetics and assist those living with diabetes. Julia Creek will be bringing to our practice in the near future qualified diabetic nurse educators. Please speak to our Registered Nurse or your GP re this new service

Julia Creek is joining with Diabetes Queensland to provide quality care for all our diabetic patients and will be implementing upgraded programs within the next few months. Our qualified nursing staff and doctors are always available to assist our diabetic patients.





A service from North West Rural Health sends to the practice a visiting Psychologist to Julia Creek Medical Centre.

Speak to the doctor who will arrange a referral for you.
Psychology Fact Sheet 


A service to check your eyes and provide glasses where required.

To make an appointment or discuss whether this service may be right for you make an appointment with your GP, or contact the service provider directly, by clicking on the link below.

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Children under 16 will be bulkbilled